Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And some pictures, too!

The Environmental Education trainees after building a killer Moringa Leaf bed

Laundry day at the Training Center

My village home stay family looking at my pictures from home

This sweet little thing is one of the many other Ndumbe Caws in the village

Yes, sifting manure with my bare hands

At our teacher's homestay house for our eight tea session of the day

Baby goat!

Me, Steve and Jessica - Team Ker Sadaro -
Super excited about our freshly dug garden beds

Ker Sadaro

Ker Sadaro

Women leaving the peanut grinding factory in Ker Sadaro

With Sarah, Steve, Jessica, Jamie, Mikael
after our first week in the villages

Also, notice that there are more pictures posted in the Picasa web album. Click on the slideshow to the right. -->>

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